Prayer Focus

As Jesus approached Jerusalem and saw the city, He wept over it. Luke 19:41
Weep O my sisters and brothers,
Weep for innocent ones massacred;
Weep for those who are homeless;
Weep for those who are unemployed;
Weep for those who survive violence;
Weep for daughters and sons captured, tortured and disappeared;
Weep for mothers humbled and enslaved;
Weep for fathers killed;
Weep for……..(name what you weep for);
Weep O my sisters and brothers,
Weep until wisdom arises
from fires of justice.
Amen. Blessed Be. Let It Be So.
From Celebrating Women publisher SPCK

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From CH4 CCL No 2287
Hymn 710 verses 1 & 3

1. ‘I have a dream’ a man once said,
Where all is perfect peace,
where men and women, black and white,
stand hand in hand, and all unite
in freedom and in love

3. Fierce persecution, war and hate
are raging everywhere:
God calls us now to pay the price
through struggles and through sacrifice
of standing for the right.

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