Prayer Focus

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it.

John 1:5


As we wait and watch this advent, we long O God for you to come and dispel the darkness. Awaken us to your glory that we may walk in your light.

Come down Lord God. Walk with countries and individuals looking for freedom and justice; where there is unrest and war.

Come down Lord God. Walk with the people in places of exploitation and cheap labour, in places where land is destroyed and water polluted.

Come down Lord God. Give strength to the people striving to care for our world, working to reduce global warming and reduce the untold harm of plastic waste.

Come down Lord God. Walk with the outcast and the poor, the homeless and the rejected, the refugee and the stateless.

Come Lord Jesus, Light of the world, quickly come.


From CH4 CCL No 22874

Hymn 274 Verse 1

Comfort, comfort now my people;

speak of peace – so says your God.

Comfort those who sit in darkness,

burdened by a heavy load.

To Jerusalem proclaim:

God shall take away your shame.

Now get ready to recover;

guilt and suffering are over.