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Weekly Intimations

Intimations -26th September 2021

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and weekly intimations page.  Sunday worship is now available online and in print.  If you are housebound and would like the printed service, or a CD recording of the service then please contact the office.

Next Sunday will be our Harvest Thanksgiving Service.  This will be an all age service.  Please see the intimation below  for donation ideas.

District Elders can uplift their Communion Invitation Cards this Sunday from the front vestibule windows.

There is tea and coffee available after this service in the Memorial Hall.  Please wait at the Memorial Hall door to be seated, and sign the contact list.   As it is harder to hold fundraising coffee mornings just now, the donations taken at the Tea and Coffee will be donated to  Macmillan Cancer Support. 

Harvest Thanksgiving 2021  –  Sunday 3rd October

This year we will be supporting the Lodging House Mission with our Harvest Thanksgiving donations.

The Lodging House Mission has been helping the people of Glasgow for over 100 years and like many has had a difficult time through Covid.  Yet the staff have continued to help thousands of people who have been struggling with homelessness, addictions, and unemployment.  We are glad to regularly support them by helping on the rota for their Saturday café, and through our Harvest donations.

There is a handy list of suggested items below if you wish to donate items of food.  These can be brought to church next Sunday and placed on the chancel steps before the service begins.

If instead you would prefer to donate financially to support the work of Lodging House Mission then there will be donation bowls

available on the way into church next Sunday.  Cheques should be made payable to Jordanhill Parish Church.  You can also donate

directly to the Lodging House Mission by using the paying facility on their website       LHM is a Scottish Registered Charity NO. SC017283


Lodging House Mission – Harvest Wish List


Cereal : Corn flakes  /  crunchy nut cornflakes                 Weetabix

Rice Crispies              Sugar Puffs                Frosties

CocoPops       Cheerios


Tinned Meat and Fish : tuna / salmon / ham / corned beef /


Tinned Fruit : peaches / pears / pineapple /

mandarins / fruit cocktail


Jars/Pastes : Pasta bake sauces / curry sauce/paste / tomato paste


Dried Goods : Mixed herbs / garlic powder / ground turmeric / chilli powder / crushed chillies / ground coriander / salt and pepper.


Other : Tinned Rice or custard / full fat UHT milk / coconut milk / drinking chocolate / coffee / brown sauce / vinegar / tomato sauce / mayonnaise / dried peas / lentils / olive oil / vegetable oil / bisto / stock cubes / broth mix / jam / sugar / jelly.





Pasta   pearl barley  marmalade    prunes

shredded wheat cereal        muesli             Alpen

grapefruit       long grain rice           porridge         tea bags

At this time we are delighted that everyone is returning to worship.  We continue to have a few notes of guidance:

Please sit 1 metre between each households, and sit 1 metre from each aisle.
Please give your contact details on the way in, and wear a mask at all times, unless exempt.
Please take your order of service home with you.
Our collection continues to be given on the way in to church
Thank you for being mindful  of peoples’ space as we adjust to regulations and come back to church.

There is tea and coffee after the service in the Memorial Hall.  Please wait at the hall door to be seated, and sign the contact list. Tea and coffee will be served to your table.  Please do not visit other tables in the hall, this is to minimise risk of Covid spread. You must wear a mask at all times in the hall unless you are seated at a table, or unless you are exempt.

Next Sunday – 3rd October 2021            10.30am        Harvest Thanksgiving service (all-age)

Church Office – the Office is closed to public access.  The emails and answer machine will be checked regularly, please continue to leave messages and send emails to book your Sunday place in worship. If your booking is unsuccessful we will get in touch by Friday afternoon.

Stamp Appeal –  We encourage you to continue collecting stamps for the 2020 appeal for the Women’s Development Centre in Kandy, Sri Lanka.  Please hold on to your stamps until arrangements can be made for collecting them.
Weekly intimations – If you have any items for the weekly intimations, please contact the office by Friday.
Church Hall lets –  At present we are unable to  confirm  hall bookings until we receive sector specific guidance from the Scottish Government and the Church of Scotland.  The Scottish Government is currently working on this information and issuing updates.

Sunday evening Prayer 7pm –  Churches across Scotland and the rest of the UK are being asked to pray at 7pm each Sunday evening during the ongoing pandemic.  A time to pray for the health care and NHS staff, and remember the families of those affected by illness and bereavement.    More can be found here:

Online Donations – if you would like to contribute financially to the work of Jordanhill Parish Church, then please follow this link  Jordanhill Parish Church Online Donations

Prayer Group – As we have no Prayers for Healing service at the moment there is a small prayer group that receives a prayer list of world wide and local concerns to pray for.  If you would like to add anyone to the prayer list, or be part of the prayer group, then please let the minister know.

Do you have ideas of how the  congregation can continue to be in touch and have fun in the process at this time?  All ideas are welcome, please get in touch with the Communications Committee or Minister.

Website, Facebook and YouTube, the church facebook page and the Church YouTube channel will contain details of worship material and news about the church.  These are the most regular means by which anyone can keep informed about what is happening at the church over the coming weeks and months.

Pastoral Care

Each district Elder will be in touch with their district over the coming days and weeks as part of our pastoral care for each other.  Please also continue to be in contact with the Minister if you have any pastoral needs, most contact at this time will be by telephone, email or post.